Do's & Dont's of a Group Discussion

In a GD it is very important to present & perform strategically. GD is a behavioral test & one has to keep in mind the intricacies while participating in a discussion. While the internet space if flooded with information about offline GDs, Here are a few Do’s & don’ts that should be kept in mind while participating in an Online GD:


  • STRUCTURE: Moderators are looking for structured inputs in a GD, your input should be planned in a manner that gives a direction to the Group Discussion. It is important to build upon the discussion instead of adding random points. Therefore, even if you are giving a point, try relating it to the structure proposed at the start of the GD.

  • BODY LANGUAGE: Currently, the GDs are in online mode where the importance of Body Language has reduced relative to offline mode. In an online scenario, it is important & a bit difficult to look engaged in the Group Discussion, therefore try looking towards the center of the screen or in the camera. A little nodding as an acknowledgment of the point said by co-participants makes you look interactive in the GD. Therefore in an online scenario, it is very important to have engaging body language.

  • TECHNICAL & VIDEO SETTINGS:: While the GDs are in an online scenario, it is very important to look presentable therefore a good camera quality & good lighting setting is very important in a GD.


  • LACK OF ENERGY: Since the covid time, everything has shifted online & there is a lot of internet fatigue when it comes to professionals be it in education or the corporate. Therefore it is important to bring energy to the table so that it is appealing to the moderator & you catch hold his/her eye.

  • CUTTING OFF A CO-PANELIST: If you have not gotten a chance to speak in a GD and want to give in an entry, try not to cut off anyone in a GD. In case you have to speak over someone please be extremely polite in that, never look disrespectful to a co-panelist.

  • BEING RIGID: It is important to stick to your stance, but remember this is not a debate. Do not ever get aggressive while proving your point to others. In GDs you have to be composed & flexible enough to change your point of view if there is logic for that.

These are some of the Do’s & Dont’s in a Group Discussion in an online scenario.