Does JP Morgan India have any onsite or travelling opportunities?

If I have to simply answer the question, then Yes, JP Morgan does offer onsite or traveling opportunities to their employees. JP Morgan is an International firm, so its client base is also all-over the world, giving their employees ample opportunity to travel and gain experience.

However, there are certain conditions employees have to fulfill first to apply or ask for such opportunities.

  • For its internal mobility program, an employee has to attain at least 18-24 months of experience in the same department.
  • Besides that, there are obviously employees’ performance and the onsite requirements.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a distinction to be made between onsite and travel options.

When one of your projects is due for production (implementation), and you are asked to visit onshore for a short time, this is known as an onsite opportunity. As a result, ‘travel’ options are plentiful, and 18-24 months of stability may be excessive in some circumstances.

More and more tech jobs are being relocated offshore (to India) to minimize costs and save money. Even though you will be working in India, your projects will be onshore (US, UK, etc…)