Does google hire for marketing jobs as freshers?

As a global giant, Google needs marketers.
So there are a few paths to marketing at Google, and the majority of the marketers go into a few cams in which freshers are also a part of:

  • The PMM program or any intro program offered by Google to new grads is usually completed by top students from either top undergrad or top MBA programs.
  • Former Google consultants (or persons who worked at creative agencies) made up roughly 15% of those who switched over. Prior to working at Google, several of them had worked for some pretty good agencies and consulting firms. This would add another 15% to the total.
  • Marketers at Google-owned businesses. Google does a good job of ensuring that Google hires the majority of startup employees. There‚Äôs another 15% here as well.
  • Engineering is transferred. Many Google SWEs realized they were exhausted from engineering and wanted to try something else; however, this may be more difficult if you do not already work at Google.
  • The workforce is also made up of open hires from startups or people with extensive job experience. The majority of these persons were employed through open reqs or through a referral from a friend. Prior to joining Google, most of the employees had a lot of expertise.