Cybersecurity certificate for school going kids?

  • WhizHack Technologies, in collaboration with IIT Jodhpur’s TISC (Technology Innovation and Start-up Centre), has established a programme designed to motivate youth to fight online threats and to pave the road for a future in the cybersecurity field.

  • As part of a unique learning experience they may participate in from home, teenagers around the country will be able to crack codes, patch security problems, and analyse the trails left behind by cyber thieves.

  • The course has three levels: Cyber Ninja Awareness Program, where kids learn about cyber hygiene and opportunities, Cyber Samurai, which is specifically designed to pave students’ career paths, and Cyber Guru Advanced Program, which is a comprehensive learning programme that prepares kids for the workforce.

  • The three-tiered training will include self-paced courses, as well as live mentorship and question-and-answer sessions with industry professionals, as well as access to live simulation laboratories to provide the students hands-on exposure. Students will obtain a Certificate of Completion from WhizHack Technologies after completing the first tier, and those who excel at Cyber Samurai and Cyber Guru will receive a Certification from IIT-J TISC.

The programme is an effort to establish cyber security training at the school level for the benefit of children’s futures and society as our reliance on the digital realm grows.