Current Affairs for Interview Preparation

Current Affairs forms an important part of your GDPI preparation as it could encompass topics in your Group Discussions or even something that could be probed in your personal interviews.

Prepare for Current Affairs with the intention of furthering your knowledge and not just for the interviews, be curious and inquisitive as it would help you for life.

While tackling a topic or burning issue, focus on all diverging and conflicting viewpoints as it would help you understand the viewpoint of all stakeholders and that helps in formulating your opinion on the topic and don’t dismiss or brush a point of view outright as it would lead to an incomplete understanding of the topic on hand.

Interviewers are testing your understanding of the issue on hand and are looking out for biases. By displaying your opinions , you are falling into the trap and that could potentially be detrimental to your chances of landing that admit.

Present your case with the facts and then take a stance only if asked for. Your stance should be consistent with the facts you have presented.

Some of the current affairs topics in the last year were:-

  • India’s handling of Covid-19

  • US- China Trade war

  • Bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir

  • Farm bill 2020

  • Private rail for India - A positive or Negative way Forward?

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

  • 5 G in India - A technology whose time has not come

  • How can we handle and prevent online harassment

  • Are Streaming platforms like Netlix etc a threat to conventional mass media like TV?

  • The menace of Fake and Paid News

  • The Supreme Court - the New Caged Parrot

  • Is Work from home the new normal?

  • Can India become a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024?

  • Citizenship Amendment Act - What is at stake?

  • India-China relations

  • Agricultural Crisis in India - The Root Cause and Consequences

  • Can electric cars succeed in India

  • National Education Policy - Will it revolutionize the Archaic Indian education system?

  • Pros and Cons of E-Learning - The classroom of 2020 post the covid era

For each topic given here, make a small write-up covering the in-depth facts of the matter and be sure to cover the issue from the point of view of each stakeholder. Ensure your notes are crisp and succinct as they would help you immensely when revising or if you have forgotten something.

For instance, take the Farm Bill 2020. To start with mention the 3 farm laws and what they stand for and what is that that is entailed in it clearly. Once that is done you can move to the next step of analyzing each law from the point of view of the Union Government, the State Governments and most importantly the farmers themselves.

Once that is done, you have a broad body of information and then analyze how it affects various stakeholders and try to formulate your opinions on the basis of that.

Your conclusion should lead to why it was repealed and mention the pros and cons of that decision.

You could use the same framework for each one of these topics.

Practice writing the WAT with some of these topics as the actual WAT would be of similar nature and take the test in an environment that closely mirrors the actual WAT environment so as to get yourself acquainted with any possible scenario and any possible topic or scenario in the WAT exam hall.

This helps you in many ways:

  • It helps you formulate a battle strategy for the actual WAT and helps you to ace it

  • It is of massive advantage in the GD’s and PI’s as you are familiar with succinctly describing the crux of the entire issue and can help make an impression in the minds of the interviewer or the panelists.

  • Most importantly, it helps you in articulating your thoughts clearly and helps in having a structure that is of massive importance in life which goes beyond just the MBA interviews.

  • Helps in becoming a more efficient public speaker