Could you tell me about a time when you had your team's back?

You don’t necessarily need to carry your teammates piggyback to prove yourself. And using this as an example will make the recruiter suspicious of the relationships with your employees.

Go easy this time.

Show recruiters that you identified a situation where your team needed support and delivered to their needs.

My team moved processes from one vendor to another, which required us to walk our stakeholders through the changes. We prepared a presentation that explained the impact it’d have on their side. When one of my team members had been in the middle of delivering it, one of the stakeholders started questioning our policies. I noticed a bit of struggle on my employee’s end to get back to the presentation, so I decided to step in. I highlighted that it wasn’t the point of that day’s meeting and that I’d be happy to explain the policies to him the following week. The stakeholder respectfully agreed, and after the meeting, my employees thanked me for my support.