The CAT and CMAT are the two most common MBA entry tests. Furthermore, the CMAT and CAT, which are both used to get admission to top B-Schools, have significant commonalities that cause confusion among MBA candidates. The Indian Institute of Management administers the CAT, whereas the National Testing Agency administers the CMAT. CMAT and CAT are national exams for admission to over 1000 colleges and universities.


The number of applicants for the CAT exam is more than three times that of the CMAT exam. Given the lower level of competition in the CMAT, one could argue that the CAT is more difficult. However, before selecting one of the two management admission tests, one must weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages.

CMAT VS CAT - Section analysis to judge the difficulty levels

  1. The CAT’s three portions range in difficulty from moderate to severe. The three main sections of the CMAT, on the other hand, are rather simple.
  2. Among the other sections of the CMAT, test takers find the General Awareness section to be the most difficult.
  3. The Common Admission Test’s sectional time limit is another aspect that contributes to the test’s greater difficulty level (CAT). Candidates are unable to browse between sections due to the segment time constraint.
  4. CMAT, on the other hand, does not have a sectional time restriction. As a result, applicants can save a particular question till the end of the exam and go on to the next question.
  5. Over 1,000 institutes participate in both the CMAT and the CAT. However, compared to the CAT, the number of candidates taking the CMAT is substantially lower. As a result, the CMAT can be regarded as the simpler MBA entrance exam. Because of the reduced competition, candidates will have a higher opportunity of scoring well on the CMAT accounting exam.

CAT and CMAT are the two most popular entrance exams for MBA admission. The two are also a gateway to top B, CMAT, and CAT schools, and share several similarities that cause confusion among MBA aspirants.
The CAT is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management while the CMAT is conducted by the National Testing Agency.
Both the CMAT and the CAT are administered nationwide for accreditation at over 1000 institutes. CAT receives more than three times as many applications for the CMAT exam. Considering the lower level of competition in CMAT, it can be said that CAT is more difficult. However, one should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on either management entrance exam
Knowing the differences can help you decide which exam to take. If you’re planning to show up for both, knowing the similarities can improve your preparation strategy. Keep reading this article to get the information about CAT Vs CMAT.

  1. The difficulty level of the three sections of CAT is medium to high. In contrast, the three common sections of the CMAT are relatively simple.
  2. Candidates find the General Awareness section of the CMAT the most difficult of the other sections.
  3. The time limit per section in the CAT is another factor that explains the greater difficulty of the Common Admission Test (CAT). Due to the time limit per section, candidates cannot navigate between sections.
  4. In comparison, the CMAT has no time limit per segment. This allows candidates to leave a specific question at the end and move on to other questions on the exam.