Career Path as a Product Manager

There is no fixed career path that can be pursued to reach the pinnacle of product management.

  • The path that is most common amongst the product managers generally starts from the job or skill of project management, software development, engineering or Business Analysis background.
  • After having gained these skills for a brief period the individual stands a chance of becoming an Associate ProductManager, the entry-level product management position in an organization. Several companies in India generally tech firms hire individuals for product management at the APM position.
  • Having worked on a considerable number of projects for a duration of 2-4 years the person is employed for the position of Junior Product Manager wherein the person oversees the Associate Product Managers.
  • Depending upon the hierarchy of the organization the person is either promoted to become a product manager or a Senior Product Manager.
  • Post senior product manager is the path of product executive which begins as a product leader following a VP Product or Chief Product Offer. In this position, the leader handles a whole product on his own.

Product management has been one of the most in-demand positions in recent years. However, the title ‘product manager’ has only lately become a full-time job option.

IT has quickly piqued everyone’s interest since a product manager’s job description is vague, and you see them attending expensive events, meeting fantastic people, closing deals, and taking home a substantial payment at the end of the day. Product managers are in charge of creating a product; thus, even though they are not CEOs, the leadership abilities they demonstrate and the skills they gain throughout their time as product managers make them a good candidate for the position of CEO.

Now let’s see the carrier progression after your MBA or college. Product managers can also come from different backgrounds like Business development manager, Program manager, marketing manager, project manager, even engineer, etc.

After this, If you have the skills, the career progression will be as follows:

  1. Associate Product Manager
  2. Product Manager
  3. Senior Product Manager
  4. Director of Product
  5. VP of Product
  6. Chief Product Officer and Beyond