Career in investment banking?

Investment banking is a branch of the financial services sector dedicated to managing and growing clients’ financial assets. Investment bankers help businesses and companies in investing their assets in order to increase the value of their portfolios. They primarily serve as counsellors and brokers, assisting customers in identifying and seizing lucrative possibilities.

Investment banking is a section of financial institutions and banks that handles transactions for the state and federal governments, as well as corporations, institutions, commercial and non-commercial banks. These financial institutions offer sound advice on equities and mutual funds. It is essentially a financial advising industry that assists investors in making decisions about which entities to invest in.

Investment banker career paths

An investment banker’s career follows a fairly predictable course. Junior to senior jobs in investment banking:

investment banker positions

Analysts: are typically recent college graduates or employees with less than two years of experience. They are usually involved in data collecting, presentation creation, and fundamental financial analysis. This experience is critical for any aspirant to be a good investment banker because it is during this time that most financial concepts are created.

Associate: An analyst is promoted to an associate position after 3-4 years of experience, with extra responsibilities such as customer interaction and supervising a team of 4-5 analysts.

Vice President: A vice president is usually an investment banking expert with a wide range of project experience. A vice president is in charge of maintaining client relationships and ensuring operational efficiency at all levels of the organisation.

The Director or Managing Director: This is a very senior position in the investment banking world that can only be attained after 15-20 years of experience. An MD is usually in charge of generating new business and converting prospective consumers into actual customers.