Career as a security Architect?

The Security Architect is in charge of security system strategy, implementation, and testing. They are in charge of safeguarding data against hackers, viruses, and DDoS assaults. Because this is a senior-level role, you should anticipate proper training and certification. The security architect’s role is to secure the network using appropriate firewalls.

Hard/Technical skills required to be a cyber security architect:

  • Understanding of Windows, UNIX, and Linux is required.
  • Understanding the frameworks of ISO 27001/27002, ITIL, and COBIT
  • A working knowledge of perimeter security controls such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), network access restrictions, and network segmentation
  • The creation and specification of a network security architecture
  • Routers, switches, and VLAN security are just a few of the facets of wireless security that you should be familiar with.
  • DNS, comprising routing, authentication, VPN, proxy services, and DDOS mitigation technologies, as well as third-party audits and cloud risk assessment methodologies

Salary of a cybersecurity Professional?
According to Payscale, the average cybersecurity architect income is USD 122,634. Of course, this varies depending on your region, years of experience, and the type of your relevant talent. A cybersecurity architect also receives substantial health benefits and may be eligible for incentives and profit-sharing, according to Payscale.