Career as a hedge fund analyst?

  • A hedge fund analyst’s job is to advise a portfolio manager on the optimal way to develop a hedge fund’s investment portfolio.
  • A hedge fund analyst, as opposed to another sort of buy-side institution, works for a hedge fund. Alternative asset classes, derivatives, and short or delta-neutral strategies may be deployed by hedge funds.
  • Hedge fund analysts are responsible for identifying investment possibilities based on research and due diligence, recommending them to portfolio managers, and tracking risk and performance.

Hours & Salary?
A hedge fund analyst can expect to work hard and be rewarded for doing so. People with this job title will tend to work 12+ hour days - or 60-70 hours a week, and weekends may be necessary in certain instances.
Compensation will also be high, surpassing $140,000 base plus bonuses that can double that level of income.1 Hedge funds are also known to provide generous perks and employee benefits to its team.