Career as a General Marketer?

Most marketers have worked as a generalist at one point or another, planning and supervising a wide range of marketing operations. Marketing managers are a common term for them. This position is typical in tiny or mid-sized businesses with minimal resources. In a huge organization with a more complex structure, a generalist performs activities that would otherwise be distributed among multiple experts.

A marketing generalist is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including email marketing campaigns, content planning, product announcements, and social media management. This position represents marketing in cross-functional team meetings, assists the sales team, and evaluates the marketing programs’ effectiveness.
There are a number of roles at every level of hierarchy that qualify as General Marketer, which are as follows:

  • Chief marketing officer
  • Director of marketing
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing and promotions manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Vice president of marketing