Career as a cybersecurity consultant?

The Security Consultant is a versatile and tech-savvy individual who safeguards the company’s data and assets. They comprehend and assess a wide range of security systems in a variety of sectors. To safeguard the computer, network, and data, the Security Consultant decides the various tests, such as vulnerability. They can also provide technical assistance as necessary.

Hard Skills required for being a Security Consultant

  • Testing for Penetration
    As a hacker, the consultant must assess the system’s security and determine the susceptibility of the client’s cyber programmes and software.

  • Practices of Ethical Hacking and Coding
    This is linked to the previous point and entails having a solid understanding of threat modeling and configurations.

  • Persistent Advanced Threat Management
    Phishing, social engineering, and network access control are all covered in this expertise.

  • Management and Safety of Firewalls
    Backups, fail-safe features, breach detection, and preventive methods are all part of this competence.

  • Knowledge of Operating Systems
    This includes Windows, Linus, UNIX, and any new operating systems that are released in the future.

  • Languages for Programming
    Those used for storing and analysing raw data, in particular. There is no such thing as learning too many programming languages in this scenario!