Can you work in Advertising? If yes, how?

To understand whether you have an interest in Advertising and whether you can pursue a career in it, you have to first analyze what work requirements are posed by this field. This career path has several positions like that of Advertising Managers, Advertising Executives, Account Planners, Media Coordinators, Buyers, Directors etc. It is not uncommon to see those individuals with great potential to think of creative ideas are driven to explore this field because here they generally get enough scope to work on these soft skills they possess. Understanding work that includes not only strategizing but also researching, analysing that research, execution of the findings of such research into a working idea is not an easy job. It is very variable, and it changes from time to time, consumer to consumer and product to product. There are certain agencies that provide Advertising services, so applying for an entry level position in Advertising is not difficult for a fresher there. Further, one can also apply to assist any Advertising Media director, coordinator, stylist and learn how they adapt to the practices of their target consumers and advertise their product in such a manner that the consumers do realize they need to buy that product to fulfil their requirements.