Can a non-engineer crack the Common Admission Test(CAT) exam?

Every year, a large percentage of non-engineering students succeed in passing the CAT despite not having a background in engineering, statistics, math, or quantitative science. If you study hard, you have a good chance of scoring in the 99th percentile on the CAT.
As a result, such preconceptions or animosity among non-engineers is utterly ludicrous. How a student does on a test like the CAT has less to do with his or her history and more to do with their perseverance and willingness to try new things. Test takers must relieve themselves of the strain of time management to a significant extent, as it plays a key part in your attempt rate.
In fact, in recent years, the paper has been written with the assumption that more non-engineers will be admitted. As a result, you have an advantage in this regard. In reality, if you are not an engineer, you will receive fewer points, which may offer you an advantage when it comes to the final decision.

Common admission test or CAT is one of those exams which the Engineers dominate, and it is the fact that more than 50% of candidates appearing for exams are engineers.

So sometimes, people often come against a question like, "Can a non-engineer crack the CAT? "

I, a non-engineer, had cracked the exam and vouch for the same. I have my background in science biology and had done my graduation in B.Sc. BIO. It is not a very hard exam. Just with enough hard work and consistency, any non-engineer will be able to crack the exam very easily.

Some tips that is tried and tested by me are as follows -

  • Be diligent with what you read and give your best.
  • Practice, practice, and practice are mantras that will help us in the longer run.
  • Prepare a strategy by giving as many mocks as you can. The practice will be beneficial on the D-day while attempting the exam.

Engineers dominate CAT in numbers that have the edge over non-engineers in their mathematical experience.

However, with hard work, persistence, and consistency, everyone can crack this exam whose primary need is time management and accuracy.

Some tips based on the past experience of other non-engineers are as follows -

  • QA or quantitative analysis is one of the sections which is hard for non-engineers. However, it is one of the most organized sections. So, with a basic strategy like starting with the basics of all the topics and practice, you will master this section quickly.
  • LRDI or Logical reasoning & Data interpretation is one of the joker card sections and is a mystery to all the candidates. All you can do is look at last’s year papers and practice every type of question available.
  • VARC or Verbal ability & Reading comprehension is one of the sections where some non-engineers have the edge over others, but most of the candidates make silly mistakes in the sections and lose marks.
  • My final tip is just practice and stay consistent with your preparations.