Brand Management

This is the track of career in marketing one hears of, quite frequently. It consists of the fundamental functions of any consumer product and its industry. Sometimes, we compare Brand Managers to owners of small or medium businesses as they manage to assume responsibility which is entirely focused on the brand. They tend to keep their goals concentrated towards the big picture and the responsibility of identification and instilling the essence of the brand is on their shoulders. They must possess good communication skills and must be able to think out of the box. They should be quick learners as there are times when the market and consumer behavior patterns change randomly and very quickly and therefore it is required for them also to adapt accordingly. They also help and guide the market researchers in formulating questions for their surveys, finalizing agendas, providing statements, samples of the products and coming up with better ways to enhance the brand names by several other methods. Post research and analysis, it’s the Brand Manager’s job to collect the data and then develop marketing strategy that sets their brand apart from other brands selling the same product and providing the same service.