Best books for marketing?

Marketing is a domain that requires a lot of creativity & out of box thinking. Many times professional wonders how some brand managers get ideas that are breakthrough in the market and create revolutionary products and redefine the dynamics of the industry.
Most often, if you ask successful leaders how they do the same, their response to the same is reading.
Yes, if you read a lot, any line in the book can be the turning point for you. Therefore as students & professionals of marketing, these are some books that I will suggest you read to increase your marketing acumen.

1) Hug your customers
All the time, marketing professionals struggle with customer satisfaction which is supposedly the goal of marketing. This book gives you an example of how a little change in the outlook of a brand and the things that it does can bring about a change in the brand reputation & customer loyalty. If any time you have been interested in luxury brand management, this book is for you because this book tells you how to enhance the experience of a customer

2) Hooked: How to build habit-forming products
As a marketer, you want customers to engage with your products. A product that gets into your habit is the one you have to create for your customers. This gives an overall idea on how do you make these products.

3) Designing the Brand identity in Retail Spaces
This book, which has a descriptive title, is a must-read for retail marketers. Rather than letting the “brand” languish as a business name and a mission statement, Wheeler advises merchants to conceive of the full three-dimensional area of the retail shop as the canvas upon which the brand is painted.