Asking for feedback after a personal interview is important

There is no set time period to identify if an interview is good or bad. This is a misconception to think that if an interview went for a longer period of time then it is bad, or good. Every recruiter as their own way of selection, and understanding the candidates potential. There are cases where a candidate has been rejected within three minutes of the interview, and there have been cases where interview has lasted for hours and the candidate has been rejected. There is no standards which have been set for an interview to classify as great or bad. Therefore, to understand whether the candidate has performed appropriately and well enough in the interview, he/she should be able to ask the interviewer for feedback. This will not only instill in the minds of the interviewer that the applicant is eager to understand his own shortcomings but that would also enable the applicant to know where he lacked and where he can perform better in the future. This will give him an edge over other applicants, because he knows where he has to work on and what areas of his personality need guidance.