After 10 class which stream should i choose?

After completion of 10 class, it is indeed a tricky topic for students to choose a stream which they want to pursue in future.
In choosing stream peer pressure and involvement of parents also plays a very crucial role.
Most parents in today’s generation still want their children’s to become engineers and doctors without even consulting their children.
Science stream: If the student is having a interest in science and is good with numbers then he should definitely opt for science stream. But science of 11 and 12 is completely different what you studied in your junior years.
Commerce Stream if the student doesn’t like science but he is good with numbers, commerce strean is suitable. Career options for future are also very wide such as CA, CS, MBA, etc.
Arts/humanities Stream: The student who have a keen interest in political science, geography, history of india and of world should take this stream. And if your goal is civil services examination this is the best stream because you will have knowledge from a young age.

THERE IS NO JOB IN THIS WORLD WHICH HAVE A BETTER SCOPE, UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IT. Even if you choose a stream with a lot more job opportunities, you cannot fully assure yourself to happy with that in future.

So choose a career based on your interests and skills. With skills i mean your hobbies and your strengths. But still for your information, i have an interest-oriented list of the streams and details:

Science: Logical aptitude and scientifically reasoning are pre-requisite. You should be able to handle long hours of studying. High level persistence.

Commerce: If you love to go in conventional field of careers and love to play with analysis, calculations, representation, then you should straightaway go for this.

Humanities: If you love to play by your own rules, love to obtain knowledge regarding fundamentals and structural systems of world, you should go for this. Students in this field tend to be disciplined and have a mind to handle theoretical knowledge.