Writing your resume

Indeed Resume is a flexible resume template that lets you fill in your relevant experiences and skills. There are 70 million resumes on Indeed today and employers search this database for candidates with skills that match their job descriptions.²

Set resume to “Public”

With Indeed Resume, you can set your resume to “Public,” which enables employers to get in touch with you about new jobs (although your name and other personal information will not be visible). Or, you can set your resume to “Private,” if you’d prefer to not be contacted by employers.

Upload or create a resume

You can also choose to upload an existing resume or create one directly on Indeed. If you upload a resume, you’ll want to review the formatting to make sure your information has been entered correctly. Indeed Resume formats your resume so that it can be shared with employers on mobile, tablets and desktop.

You can download this document once you save it on Indeed. And, you can use your resume to apply to many jobs on mobile and desktop.

Customize your resume

If you’d like to create specific resumes for different jobs, we recommend that you use the Indeed Resume template to tailor your experience for each job, download that version and then create another version for another job and download that as well. To ensure you get maximum exposure, the resume you publish to Indeed should be an all-purpose resume that’s rich in keywords employers are using in their job descriptions.