Work culture of KPMG for freshers?

  • You will be working with incredibly intelligent folks. It will feel similar to an MBA, but with smarter peers. You will work an average of 12 hours each day, 5 days per week You will receive first-rate instruction. You’ll travel a lot, which means you’ll rack up a lot of airmiles… You will gain weight unless you exercise on a daily basis and pay great attention to the food.

  • Time will pass quickly.

  • After the first five years, the results vary substantially.

  • Positive outcome: one day you’ll wake up convinced that this is the life you want to live till retirement, or you’ll realize you’ve shown to yourself that “you’re worth it” and that all you need now is a great job that allows you to live a little… and will begin searching for it.

  • Unfortunate outcome: you’ll keep going, become a director, VP, or partner. You may lose your wife and children in the process, or you may suffer a heart attack at the age of 45. Or, in a bad year, your sales will plummet, and you’ll be cast out like a bad tooth.