Work culture of IBM for freshers?

Everything they do is based on five core ideals. In all they do, IBM is governed by five essential values.

• Do the right thing
• Put customers first
• Lead with incredible ideas
• Commit to diversity and inclusion
• Give back to the community

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of IBM’s work culture:

• Great opportunity to learn from brilliant individuals in a very collaborative work setting
• Terrific individuals in a great company
• Wonderful individuals and a good work environment

• The working hours are extended till late at night.
• They don’t encourage a healthy work-life balance.
• Pay is low when compared to the competitors.

Though the typical IBM employee recognizes the five essential values and is in favor of the pros. Only a small percentage of IBM employees are against the corporation. “It was a terrific experience working with IBM,” says one of the comments they receive. “I got to work on a variety of tools and technologies,” “Growth is non-existent in the incorrect team,” “Excellent experience,” and so on.