Work culture of Amazon for freshers?

Amazon’s employees live in their own world. That’s because Amazon has created its own version of popular platforms like Zoom for meetings, Stack Overflow for technical questions, GitHub for code pushes, Coursera for learning materials, Kaggle for contests, and others.

  • On the first day, after meeting your manager and mentor, you would examine all of these materials and be entertained by them.
  • They also have a tool (AI text-to-speech recognition bot) that can pronounce your name in several English accents based on geography, and you may adjust the settings to what you believe sounds best.

As is self-evident, you will be treated as an employee, with tasks/projects assigned to you and expected to be completed within deadlines.

  • You will also be obliged to attend daily and weekly meetings.
  • You also learned a little about different cultures through monthly hangout sessions, where the entire staff would get together and relax/chill by playing silly quizzes, games, and other activities - similar to a virtual party.
  • Food could be ordered and reimbursed for these meetings. In addition to the stipend, Amazon offers monthly Sodexo coupons.

So overall it’s a combination of fun and hard-work.