Why Your Cover Photo Matters in LinkedIn Marketing?

Your cover photo is as important as your title.

It takes up a lot of visual real estate and its primary purpose is to get people to click on it.

Think of it as a visual CTA that serves to covert.There are several ways of crafting an article cover photo, and we can’t use the same rules as your LinkedIn profile cover photo.

  1. Make sure that you include your title in the cover photo. Chances are people will see the title on the cover photo before they see the title on the article itself. This means it has to be pronounced.
  2. Your ratio of text to graphics must be low. Your article should contain most of the words, not your cover photo.
  3. Include a lot of empty space, this helps create emphasis on the various elements of your cover photo such as the graphics, photos, etc.
  4. Use photos whenever you can. At BAMF, we use photos of people because it’s more engaging. It helps build trust and gets people interested in the article.
  5. Use the proper cover photo dimensions on your LinkedIn article.