Why You Should Reshare Your LinkedIn Article?

Articles have a much longer lifespan than posts on LinkedIn. And while you can view the analytics for your posts for only 60 days, analytics for articles are available for 2 years. (Note: Once a post or article has received more than 10 views, you can access data on it.)

You can give an article new life by resharing it via a LinkedIn post that directs users to that article. I have several LinkedIn articles that still get comments a year or 18 months after they were published. The how-to articles (“How to write a good headline profile for LinkedIn,” for instance) seem to perform best with my audience.

When you reshare an article to the news feed, focus on one main point or angle from the article. Then a few days later, share your article to the news feed again, but this time, focus on a different point.

To visualize this, if your article is about 10 reasons why someone should attend your live event, list one or two of those reasons the first time you reshare the article. When you reshare it a few days or even a week later, discuss some of the other reasons.

You’ll see podcasters or bloggers using this tactic effectively on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply adopt this same method to get more views and reads of your LinkedIn articles.