Why to choose MBA in marketing as a career choice?

MBA in Marketing
Pursuing your career in MBA marketing have certain advantages over other MBA specialization. Studying marketing will increase your knowledge towards creating a brand, studying customer behavior, product development strategies, and so on.
Studying Marketing will give you a in depth idea about how you can market and advertise a brand or product. Career in marketing is very vast you can pursue your career in Advertising, sales, promotions, brand designing, product development, digital marketing and son on. Hence traditional marketing tools have gone back and new marketing techniques allied with technologies are booming in todays era such as Digital Marketing is booming in todays era.
Hence a career in MBA marketing is a sorted career for professions who want to learn and grow in terms of building, designing and promoting the product globally.
Job roles after MBA in marketing:
Marketing Manager
Design Manager
Brand Manager
Corporate Sales
Media Manager
Asset Manager
Promotion Manager