Why to choose Big data engineering as your career?

This is a lucrative and challenging field to work in.

You will play a critical part in an organization’s delivery by making data scientists, analysts, and decision-makers more available to the data they need to accomplish their jobs. To build scalable solutions, you will use your programming and problem-solving skills.

Data engineers always will be in high demand as long as there is data to process.

According to Dice Insights, data engineering is the top trending career in the technology industry in 2019, winning out computer scientists, web designers, and database architects.

It was mentioned on LinkedIn as one of the lucrative careers to watch in 2021.

Data Engineer salary

Data engineering is a lucrative field as well.

According to Glassdoor (as of June 2021), the average income for data engineers in the United States is $111,933, with some earning up to $164,000 per year.

Data engineers are well compensated when compared to comparable data occupations such as data analyst ($68,000) or database administrator ($81,444).

Data Engineer Career path

Data engineering is not usually a junior position. On the other hand, many data engineers begin their careers as software engineers or business intelligence analysts.

As your career progresses, you may be promoted to management positions or work as a data architect, solutions architect, or machine learning engineer.