Why should we hire you? How to answer this question?

When a hiring manager asks, “Why should we employ you?” what they actually mean is, “What makes you the greatest match for this job?” Your response to this question should be a succinct sales presentation outlining what you have to offer the company. Employers recruit people to solve problems, whether that challenge is increasing revenue, simplifying operations, or establishing a brand. When making your pitch, you want to demonstrate that you’re the greatest person for the job. Interviewers ask questions regarding why you should be employed in order to determine how qualified you are for the position and how well you will fit in with the organization.

How to answer this question
First and foremost, don’t let the procedure overwhelm you. We’ll start by comparing your skills to the job criteria, then thinking about how these skills translate in real life, and finally examining what makes you stand out as a candidate. As you go through each phase, jot down notes. Then we’ll focus on combining them into a concise response.
Take a minute to examine the job description as you prepare for the interview. Make a list of the job’s criteria, including personality qualities, talents, and credentials. Make a list of the traits you possess that match those criteria.

Choose five to seven of your abilities that closely match the job criteria and use them as the foundation for your answer to the question of what makes you stand out as a candidate.

If you’re not sure where to begin, look into how to match your skills to a job. Remember to go beyond the job description and evaluate which of your talents and achievements set you apart from the competitors.