Why should we choose you - Wipro interview question?

It is asked in many interviews not only in Wipro and be very careful with your answer. As it is a software company bias your answers towards the software industry, show that you can adapt and learn. Be humble and never compare yourself to others but be sure to emphasize your strong points. Try to explain why hiring you would be a positive option for the organization. Also, state that you plan to stay with the company.

Example Response: I wouldn’t say I’m better than all of the people you’ve interviewed because I don’t know anything about their qualifications. However, I can speak for myself and guarantee you that I would put in a lot of effort. I am devoted, trustworthy, and faithful. I’m also very goal-oriented, and I take my responsibilities seriously. I enjoy collaborating with others and assisting when needed. More than anything, I am confident in the knowledge and abilities I have acquired, but I am constantly eager to learn new things. I also want to work with Wipro for a long time and would not cause any problems for the organization while on a project.