Why should freshers do an internship, especially for Data Science roles

From my opinion, as an intern you are least billable resource, and hence you have less constraint of choosing what work to get yourself exposed to as of a full time employee. Furthermore, hiring organization is also cognizant of the fact that you’re there to learn and not to necessarily get huge work out, of course some level of balance has to be sought to make it a win win.

As an intern, following points to keep in mind:

  • Exposure: Corporate is way different than academics. Get yourself exposed to business use cases.
  • Understand your area of interest: Data Science/Analytics is vast, understand what you like and where you want to master into.
  • Set your networking ball rolling: Your initial work attitude can set a good impression, and you can have good connections for yourself. Even if the existing employer may not have a position for you, one of your senior colleagues might be able to refer you in their network.