Why ReactJS Framework is used and implemented by millions of web-developers?

The points are listed below –

Reusable & declarative components: Reusable and declarative UI components give React a distinctive quality. Developers can break down the complex UI into components that can be reused in other parts of the application.

Visual aid with JSX: JSX is one of the most significant features of React that helps to create a new UI feature via JS. You can also see the changes reflecting in your web app in real-time. This is what I would say every web project should look for – writing HTML in JS.

Virtual DOM: Another reason for its huge popularity is the virtual DOM that helps in boosting app performance. React handles the DOM manipulation by default and re-renders a DOM whenever necessary.

Unidirectional data-binding: Information flow in React applications is unidirectional. This one-way data binding in React makes it more efficient as a framework that is less prone to error and easy to debug.