Why isn’t computer science considered an engineering ? What does it take for a discipline to become an engineering field?

Computer Science is a Pure science field which establishes the fundamentals . By itself Computer Science is very broad to be applied in a specific area. It is like Maths and Physics. Though maths and physics are the foundations for engineering they are pure science subjects which are abstract and theoretical.

Just like mechanical engineering derives a lot from Physics in the area of mechanics, Robotics is also an area of engineering that derives a lot from Computer Science in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. Without physics you cant have mechanical engineering. Without computer science we cant have Robotics.

When a theoretical concept (AI) can be applied in the real world (Robot) it becomes an engineered technology (product) which is what we call Robotics.

Until then it remains abstract. Engineering has connection to the real world while Computer Science is a concept.

I hope you find this information helpful, see you on the next topic.