Why is the Group Discussion round conducted in the campus placement process of Deloitte?

Their selection process includes a lot of group discussions. The majority of final year graduates, new graduates, and freshers aim to work for big corporations because it offers them a wonderful starting point for their careers.
It’s held to check if an applicant possesses particular personality traits that an organization wants in its members. The following are some major personality qualities that are assessed during a GD:
• The ability to take charge amidst a group
• Base of knowledge of current affairs, subject matter, etc.
• Communication abilities and a sense of belonging to a team are important for achieving personal goals and organizational goals at the same time.
• Dispute Resolution if all the members in a group do not agree to a common point.
Candidates are assigned a topic and just talk for a certain amount of time on it. This is clearly a group activity, and everyone is expected to participate.