Why is online marketing increasingly preferred over offline marketing?

Most people have started opting for Digital Marketing nowadays because of various benefits:

(i) The online tools for marketing are SEO, Hosting, and Web Development.

(ii) The number of leads generated is extraordinary compared to the very expensive offline marketing initiatives.

(iii) One can reach a huge and diverse audience online and can even set a worldwide target.

(iv) It’s not only possible but also super-easy to make corrections in live campaigns in Digital Marketing in real-time. Optimization on the go is finally a reality, thanks to Digital Marketing.

(v) There are essentially no geographical boundaries when it comes to using online marketing platforms.

(vi) Digital Marketing feeds and thrives on consumer behavior analytics. Never before brands had so much meaningful and actionable data available to them for drawing real insights on to base their marketing budget on.

(vii) Everything is measurable and track-able in Digital Marketing. Marketers are able to measure and improve upon Return-on-Investment.