Why is not machine learning being implemented in medical field?

With the help of machine learning, we can diagnose any disease in the patient even before they show any concerning effects, and we can start the treatment that can save them.

However, still, it is very early days for it, and here are some reasons why we cannot implement it:

  • When navigating a diagnostic decision tree, few clinicians like to write a lot of material into a computer interactively.

  • The majority of illnesses are well-known and can be diagnosed without advanced technology such as artificial intelligence.

  • To reduce the danger of medical malpractice, physicians must perform particular, well-tested inspections and tests as part of their routine practice.

  • Only specialists who have dutifully followed the safe route until it has led nowhere have the freedom to speculate imaginatively and break from standards.

  • By that time, 99 percent of medical issues would have been addressed without the need for a novel or unproven approaches such as AI.