Why is multiple inheritance not supported in java?

To reduce the complexity and simplify the language, multiple inheritance is not supported in java. Consider a scenario where A, B, and C are three classes. The C class inherits A and B classes. If A and B classes have the same method and you call it from child class object, there will be ambiguity to call the method of A or B class.

Since the compile-time errors are better than runtime errors, Java renders compile-time error if you inherit 2 classes. So whether you have the same method or different, there will be a compile time error.

class A{
void msg(){System.out.println(“Hello”);}
class B{
void msg(){System.out.println(“Welcome”);}
class C extends A,B{//suppose if it were
Public Static void main(String args[]){
C obj=new C();
obj.msg();//Now which msg() method would be invoked?