Why is Linux regarded as a more secure operating system than other operating systems?

In terms of security, Linux has grown in popularity in the IT industry. Linux is more secure than other operating systems for numerous reasons.

  • Only a few people have access to the Linux operating system. As a result, the virus is limited in its ability to infect the entire system; instead, it may only damage a few files.

  • Linux users must first complete the tasks before they may open the files. So that they may safeguard their systems against vulnerabilities.Linux offers a number of working environments, including Linux Mint, Debian, Arch, and others, all of which come with virus protection.

  • It retains a log history so it can easily view the details of the system files afterward.

  • Iptables is a Linux feature that checks the security circle of the system.

  • Because the number of Linux users is lower than that of other operating systems, security will be improved.