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Why is Kaggle so important for a Data Scientist?

The precise reason why Kaggle is important for a successful data scientist is that the data and the business problems presented in Kaggle are real in nature. Although the data provided is cleansed and structured and in no way represent the data in the actual business environment; still candidates are able to know the real-world business problems that organizations are facing; and how to approach them basis the underlying data. This is more so relevant as the data collection, cleansing and preparation are generally not done by data scientists in most of the organizations.

Kaggle is a platform where we can do live projects and analyse ourself by seeing our ranking.
It gives us Rank on the basis of Accuracy we scored.
It is important for Data Scientist guy may be the reason could be here we get to deal with everything which we learned in Data Science and using that whole concept how to predict something with higher accuracies.

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