Why is it important to master consulting to become a great PRODUCT MANAGER?

If the consulting position allows you to better understand the market, customers, and/or technology that you want to work with as a PM, then it’s probably not going to affect your prospects if you take that route negatively.


  1. That said, it isn’t projected management experience, and you’ll probably struggle to demonstrate how you can bring a product to market because consulting gigs aren’t always about making things happen but rather telling other people how they should make things happen.

  2. They’re both very different roles, and while success in one may lead to winning in the other, neither is guaranteed.

  3. While it’s great that you can start as a PM after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, you won’t get nearly as much of an education as you would in a Big 4 - especially if you want to work in Management Consulting.

  4. One of the most significant advantages of working as a management consultant for a Big 4 firm is that you will gain exposure to various industries and learn multiple frameworks, rather than just one. After five years, get an MBA, and you’ll have the background you need to be a great project manager.