Why is data science so popular?

The popularity of data science is majorly driven by the fact that it leverages statistics and numerical algorithms to make better and more informed decisions. More so, with the increasing growth & acceptance of artificial intelligence & machine learning; data science has proved to be an invaluable asset for business.

Data science helps in both predictive as well as prescriptive analytics for business leveraging the underlying data stored in data systems.

Let’s look at it from a simple perspective. Data Science/ML has become popular these days because:

  1. Availability of the data.
  2. Availability of the computation infrastructure.

There is a large amount of data being generated every second. Every domain and every device is generating data and it’s just going to increase on onwards. And this is what your algorithms need, the DATA. Data is the fuel to apply and run the algorithms. And now it’s application is growing rapidly as people starting to apply it in various fields where data is available.

The storage and computational capacity have grown correspondingly and also it’s more affordable.