Why is a group discussion conducted for TCS placement process?

Group Discussion is generally conducted after a candidate gets a shortlist for a B school. It is a setting where multiple students are invited to discuss and debate on a topic. This is conducted for the following reasons:

• It tests a candidate’s level of confidence when speaking in front of a group of people and ability to engage in a healthy conversation with peers
• It checks your body language and Behavior when others are speaking. How well a candidate responds to disagreement, non-acceptance of ideas, etc.
• Candidates are going to become managers in the future so it checks on a candidate’s ability to convince others but in a polite manner without disregarding their ideas.
• GD topics are generally around current affairs or debates or social stigmas, so a candidate’s awareness, opinions, and point of view are known.
• It serves as a good judge of character for a person and makes a foundation for selection or rejection.