Why Google rejects a candidate?

Your interview feedback is not shared with Google. As a result, determining a specific cause for rejection is very impossible if you had an excellent interview. There could be many reasons why you are rejected at an interview, many of which are beyond your control.

Clarification on the Google interview procedure:

Many candidates turned down by Google are unaware of the interview procedure. They frequently neglect the number of interview rounds as well as the importance of each round.

Competence and planning:

It’s a serious business to appear in Google interviews. You will be put to the test on your knowledge, experiences, opinions, and problem-solving abilities.

Time to respond:

Many candidates deliver the right, ideal solutions during an interview, but they are frequently dismissed if it takes them too long or requires too much assistance.

Solution’s quality:

Google interviewers are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. They know exactly what they’re asking for, and their expectations are very clear. Many candidates are disqualified despite presenting the proper solution because the quality of the solution is inadequate.

Soft skills:

Google has a reputation for hiring clever employees. Candidates who are expressive are better communicators.