Why employers ask, 'What are your weaknesses?

Employers may ask what your weaknesses are during an interview to learn if you have the ambition to use your weaknesses as a chance to grow in your career. Here are some traits they may be looking for within your response:

Self-awareness: This question helps the interviewer understand how well you know yourself. A sense of self-awareness means that you are willing to acknowledge your weaknesses and work on improving them.
Honesty: In making yourself vulnerable and talking about your weaknesses, you also show how honest you are.
Emotional quotient: This is an essential part of your emotional intelligence. It shows that you have the ability to monitor and manage your emotions and identify your motivations.
Self-improvement: Your answer can show that you are willing to improve specific aspects of yourself and learn new things.
Thinking about your own weaknesses is a humbling experience. It’s important to think about your weaknesses before your interview so that you can give an answer that shows your awareness and ambition to change. Rather than disguising a strength as a weakness, use this as an opportunity to address skills or personal characteristics you could improve.