Why don’t students want to join mass recruiters like TCS?

TCS is one of the largest recruiters of India. Every Year it hires thousands of fresh engineering graduates but over the past few years, there has been a resistance in students to join mass recruiters like TCS. The reasons are varied but a few of them are listed below:

• Students want exclusive roles where they can perform in an outstanding manner for a high-growth career thus do not want mass recruiters.
• The compensation is very low in the jobs offered by a mass recruiter in comparison to the companies selecting exclusive students.
• The scope of growth career-wise is not that high and students use this as a stepping stone, thus the turnover rate is very high.
• Students are offered roles on the basis of projects available and not the interest area of the candidate.
• Some of the working methodologies in such mass recruiters have not changed for a long making the work-life monotonous.