Why do you want to work in IT?

By asking this question, an employer wants to know that you’re genuinely interested and passionate about working in the IT industry.

Prepare for this question by thinking of the reasons that make you want to pursue a career in IT, is it the problem-solving aspects that you find particularly satisfying, perhaps you enjoy allowing clients or companies to work more efficiently or working in IT you enjoy constantly learning new skills and using new software?

Whatever your reasons, you want to make sure they are relevant to the role you’re applying for, and where you can include a previous experience that highlighted a particular reason you want to work in the IT industry.

Whilst graduate IT jobs are some of the best paid graduate roles, don’t mention this in your answer as this shows an employer you’re applying to the role for the wrong reasons. Use our below example answers as a guide to answer this IT interview question. If you’re wondering ‘what are the best paid jobs in the UK?’, visit our blog for which graduate jobs pay the most.

Here’s our example answer to this question:

“One of the reasons I’m really passionate about working in IT is that it’s an incredibly satisfying industry to work in, you’re working to assist people and create solutions to help people do their jobs as efficiently as possible. I really enjoy this aspect of IT, it’s highly rewarding and allows you to forge great relationships with colleagues or clients."

“What I find most exciting about IT, is that whether you’re on the creative side of IT or support side, a career in IT will constantly expose you to new developments and concepts. The IT industry is constantly changing and evolving with exciting new ideas and technology and I want to work in an industry that’s always breaking boundaries and improving our everyday lives.”