Why do you want to work for us? How to answer this interview question

An employer will be interested in learning more about your motives for applying for a graduate position, not just because you saw it on a job board. This popular interview question also gives you a chance to emphasize why and how you would be a good match for the firm.

Why do employers ask the question “why do you want to work here”?

  • To see how much you know
    Before your next graduate job interview, ask yourself, “Why do I want to work there?” to figure out what first drew you in. First, list all of the reasons why you want to work for the firm in bullet points, and then structure an answer from there.
    This is an opportunity for you to show how much you know about the firm, what they do, and the industry they’re in; making sure you connect these to your actual interests will help.
    When browsing at their ‘Meet the Team’ website, do your employer research to get a sense of the company and put a face to the name, and determining if you agree with their fundamental principles can also help you navigate your answer to this interview question.

  • To see what your goals are
    Discussing your ambitions with the employer will allow them to assess your enthusiasm for the graduate position - do your objectives align with the company’s goals?
    Explain which features of the job position appeal to you the most and how you can incorporate these qualities into the firm; this will indicate your long-term ambitions, which companies value in a graduate hiring.

  • To see if you’re right for the company
    When the Employer asks, “why do you think you’re appropriate for the role,” you’ll have a proper opportunity to persuade them, but gently incorporating this into your replies throughout is a wonderful approach to tie everything together.
    Make sure you connect your enthusiasm for the firm, its industry, and its brand values to how they will help the company. Of course, perks and benefits are essential when picking a firm, but don’t put too much attention on them during an interview.