Why do you believe that online marketing will be more beneficial to our company compared to offline marketing?

This is a common question that is asked to beginners who are keen to enter the world of Internet Marketing. Since the most common statement they make in every interview is that “I am interested in Marketing”, the interview definitely wants to understand then why online marketing. The answer to this one can be subjective and you can have your own reasons and preferences, here is our advice.

  • Talk about the constant technological changes & developments happening.
  • How online marketing platforms have eased the path of reaching out to a larger audience.
  • There is a higher capacity to reach out to a larger audience, the relevant audience at a reasonable cost.
  • A better scope to analyze the performance; online marketing gives a quick analysis of the tasks done, amount spent and the ROI. This helps you grow and understand business and customers faster and better.
  • Digital Marketing is now used by a small and medium-sized business as well, so there are ample job opportunities.