Why Do Some SEOs Still Use Private Blog Networks?

You’re probably wondering why some SEOs still use private blog networks as a way to build links, given the risks associated with this tactic. It can be broken down to two reasons:

. Earning Links Is Difficult and Unpredictable

Earning quality links is difficult. It takes time, and the results aren’t guaranteed.

Those tactics that result in quality and authoritative links are typically earned using [email outreachin conjunction with digital PR, broken link building, link reclamation, resource link building, or other similar techniques.

In short, the one thing these tactics all have in common is that they involve reaching out to relevant journalists or webmasters and trying to convince them to link to your content. These tactics are all about raising awareness of a piece of content and hoping that the recipient likes it enough to link to it from new or existing content.

But this in itself means that the results are unpredictable. Even the best efforts can’t guarantee to return a set number of links per month or quarter. Using a PBN, on the other hand, means there’s more control to be had in regards to reduction in the uncertainty.
A Desire To Control and Manipulate Anchor Text

Step back 10 years, and most SEOs were building exact match anchor text links.

You see, [the anchor text of a linkis used as an indication of the topic of the target page, and SEOs figured that the algorithm could be manipulated in this way.

In many ways, the Penguin algorithm put a stop to this, but there are still SEOs who want to control the anchor text of their link profile. Earn links editorially, and you’ll find that journalists and webmasters naturally link with anchor texts such as:

  • Click here
  • an article’s title
  • a naked URL
  • a business name
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