Why Digital Marketing a popular topic for MBA

  • Due to digital Darwinism, businesses are being forced to examine digital marketing as the most viable alternative. Due to shifting dynamics, firms are compelled to change faster than their capacities in this fast-paced field.

  • The digital marketing sector has swept the old marketing industry under the rug, with everything from social media marketing to cutting-edge SEO strategies.

  • In 2020, the demand for digital marketing will skyrocket. As the coronavirus shut the economy down, various companies turned to online commerce. This was the catalyst for a long-awaited change. People were pushed into isolation due to the lockdown, and they turned to the internet for relief, with the advertising sector profiting handsomely.

  • Social media has 1.5 billion active users worldwide, allowing digital marketing to reach a broader audience.

  • Consider this scenario: a small thrift shop in your neighbourhood was experiencing a lack of leads. They wanted to model the outfits themselves, so they turned to TikTok for free, valuable content. They can launch their brand over the world without having to pay anything.

  • In terms of organic growth, this is the best-case situation. But this is also the reality for several small enterprises in far-flung parts of the globe, prompting Instagram to introduce reels, a video tool.
    Digital marketing is a natural choice for MBA project themes.

  • Because digital marketing is such a broad phrase that spans a wide range of services, there are numerous research options. The pandemic of Covid-19 has only raised the importance of digital marketing issues for MBA students.