Why did you get rejected in Morgan Stanley interview?

If you got rejected in the Morgan Stanley interview, then you must work on the points mentioned below:

• Do a thorough Research
Going into a job interview without researching what the position entails or what the division does is the biggest and most prevalent error. If you are going for an interview for an Investment Banking position, research the firm’s previous deals and be prepared to discuss the highlights.

• Apply for the job that you truly desire
Don’t say you’re looking for a specific job only to get your foot in the door for a different position. Working with external clients as a long-term professional objective is acceptable.

• Be honest in your resume
Don’t put anything in your CV that you won’t be able to fulfil. You must be able to elaborate on every line since anything on there is fair game. If you claim to be articulate in a language, we’ll expect you to be able to show it.

• Send a thank you mail after an interview
After an interview, you should always send a thank-you note to demonstrate your genuine interest in the position.

• Ask a question
say that you’d like them to elaborate on a particular topic.

• Don’t try to over impress
Someone may strive to overawe you by demonstrating their expertise in a particular field. It may give the wrong idea that you are uninterested in anything else.

• Be formal

• Do not fumble with the obvious questions

• Do not pretend to know something when you don’t
You’ll wind up digging yourself a hole. You’re better off simply asking for more information from the interviewer, or even stating that you don’t know the answer but would appreciate the opportunity to learn more.

• The most important, be yourself